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Total Tree Services

Working in trees requires specialized equipment and training. Call the professionals at Fall-Rite Services in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. We offer tree trimming, stump grinding, brush clearing, and more.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Trimming and pruning are great ways to keep trees healthy. We prune out thick trees and trim down high crowns (also known as "crown reduction"). We also offer tree removal for trees that are unsafe or unattractive. This service is perfect for homeowners and real estate agents who want to improve the appearance of a landscape. Removing trees can create a cleaner, more spacious yard.

Note that we do not top trees. This is a bad practice that damages the tree and increases the risk of your tree becoming hazardous.

Storm Damage

Storms damage trees and create serious safety hazards on your property. Hanging limbs and decaying trees should be dealt with immediately. After a storm, call our team. We come to your location and take care of any damage.

Man Trimming a Tree

Land Clearing

Site Clearing

Make room for new developments. We clear land of trees, stumps, and brush so that you can create fences, lawns, building, and more.

Safe, Quicker, & More Affordable

Working with the right equipment makes any job safer, quicker, and easier. We have invested in top-of-the-line equipment so that we can deliver the best possible results as safely and efficiently as possible. Safety is always our number-one priority, and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure each job is completed safely. Our equipment undergoes regular safety checks and everything is operated by trained professionals.

Flawless Results

We don't believe in leaving behind a mess for the property owner or business owner to clean up at their expense. Fall-Rites proposals always include complete cleanup after the job. This includes the removal of stump ground material. We also put down lawn protection mats from AlturnaMATS™ before moving any equipment onto your lawn. These heavy-duty mats protect your lawn from damage while we work.

Affordable Rates

At Fall-Rite Services, we pride ourselves on offering very competitive prices without ever sacrificing safety or quality. We always offer free estimates, but we never provide your estimate over the phone. We consult with you in person to find out exactly what needs to be done and make recommendations about the best course of action for your trees and property.

Trees at the Park